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Research shows that there are clear links between employee engagement and customer satisfaction, business performance and employee turnover. 

The EESS is a simple, yet effective rapid survey which looks at the engagement of your people and measures how engaged and satisfied they are.

The process can be used to benchmark externally and automatically compares your previous results to the current one.

The EESS is designed to be a cost effective alternative solution to designing and running your own surveys. The EESS us available from less than £100 per company.

The survey is conducted online in a way that guarantees employee confidentiality and encourages them to participate. The employer is presented with a report that identifies the key areas for action and is the foundation for an effective strategy for improving the organization.

Benefits of the EESS

  • A clear simple structure to measure employee engagement and satisfaction
  • Action oriented review with clearly defined outputs
  • Ability to easily measure progress quarter on quarter or year on year as required
  • Ability to benchmark internally and externally
  • Clear link between employees, customers and profitability
  • Customisable questions
  • Email distribution system included at no extra cost
  • Multi-dimensional employee engagement working models to help ascertain what drives employee engagement
  • Output from the review lays the foundation for future strategic initiatives
  • Ready to use “straight out of the box”
  • Simple, yet pragmatic action plans

We work to a simple yet effective model:

  • Growth
  • Teamwork
  • Management Support
  • Basic needs
  • Satisfaction
  • Engagement
  • Communications

The EESS™ is a quick and cost effective staff/ employee survey solution.  It provides the ability to compare the views of different groups of people within an organization (staff, managers etc) as well as the ability to compare previous results. Managed online, this anonymous system provides each employee with a personal output showing only their contribution.  The analysis of the organization is done in real time, so managers or consultants can use the results on workshops or as part of business planning.

The EESS™ maps well with the BIR to provide a comprehensive overview of where an organization is from a

  • People
  • Process and
  • Performance perspective.


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