Staff Surveys – Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey

Staff Surveys – Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey

Staff Surveys – Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Survey – EESSA full staff survey for less than $150 USD or £69.99 …. Buy this morning… deploy this afternoon
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How does engagement affect employee performance?Employee Engagement Satisfaction Survey report cover - staff survey online

William A. Kahn defined
engagement at work as the “harnessing of organizational members” selves to their work roles.  When people are engaged, they employ and express themselves physically, cognitively, and emotionally during role performances.

Employee engagement heightens the level of ownership where each employee wants to do whatever they can for the benefit of their internal and external customers, and for the success of the organization as a whole.   It also improves their relationship with their co-employees.

Employees with the highest level of commitment perform 20% better and are 87% less likely to leave the organization. The study done by the  Gallup Management Journal has shown that only 29% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. Those “engaged” employees work with passion and feel a strong connection to their company.  While those employees who are not engaged have no passion to their work, thus affecting their work performance and customer satisfaction.


Leaders that give inspiration and care about their people are likely to get commitment from their employees, thus resulting to higher productivity.  If the manager-employee relationship is discordant, employees’ performance will be affected.

For leaders, managers and the likes, knowing what motivates your people will help you achieve your target or your company’s goals.  And as an answer to your need, we created this quick and ready to run Staff Survey called Employee Engagement Satisfaction Survey or EESS for you to know your employees better.

Employee Engagement Satisfaction

Survey or EESS is a 100% online program that gives instant reporting about your employees’ view of your company’s goals and the organization
as a whole.  With 360 analyses about the vision of the organization, its members, its members ‘feedback etc.  It can be done by company or by
department.  It has 80% proven questions with 20% customized questions (optional) with no extra cost.

EESS also has a benchmark progress reporting.

You can choose whether you want it to be presented on a year on year, period on period or comparison against other organization’s report.

So, what’s in it for you?

Through EESS, goals will be clearly communicated, there will be a two-way communication between management and employees, hence resulting to healthier relationship that will eventually lead to effective management and significantly improved performance.  And when the
performance has a remarkable improvement, customers will be greatly satisfied and better sales will be generated.

Knowing the perceptions of your people can enable effective organizational decisions to be made quickly.

For a cost-effective output, we have divided our package into several staff responses depending on your company’s needs.

Up to 5 staff/ responses £19.99
Up to 50 staff/ responses £69.99
Up to 200 staff/ responses £200
Up to 500 staff/ responses £400
Up to 1000 staff/ responses

Unlimited staff/ responses



*all prices are exclusive of VAT (where applicable EU) and are subject to change without prior notice.

To immediately get the result that you wanted, click the link below and start exploring.

To buy the EESS now click here – international safe payment via PayPal

100% money back guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason

Don’t be left behind.

* prices are for the standard EESS – no customization or consultancy.

Our Staff Survey solution

The BIR-EESS – a quick ready to run Staff Survey which uniquely looks at both the satisfaction and engagement of your people.

The BIR-EESS is:

  • 100% web
  • Instant reporting – when you want it
  • 360 analysis by company and department
  • Benchmark progress – year on year, or period on period, or against other organizations
  • Include your own questions
  • 80% proven questions
  • 20% custom to you (optional for no extra cost)

Sample Outputs:

Employee Engagement Satisfaction Survey main output page graphic - online staff survey Employee Engagement Satisfaction survey report graphic comparison or benchmarking output, staff survey online

The EESS looks at the following key factors:

  • Clarity
  • Communications
  • Effective management
  • Engagement
  • Environment
  • Equal Opportunities
  • Health and Safety
  • HR Policy
  • Induction
  • Loyalty
  • Personal Growth
  • Retention
  • Team Spirit
  • Trust

The EESS provides the following analysis as standard:

  • Results by population – Board, managers, staff etc
  • Demographics
    • Sex
    • Employed duration
  • Future of the organization
  • Why people want to work in the organization
  • Specifically what they do not enjoy about the organization
  • Activities that should be Stopped, Started, Continued or Changed (SSCC)

To buy the EESS email or phone us

The EESS is a self download/ self administered product that allows you to carryout a staff survey looking at employee engagement and satisfaction. In the product you can define up to 10 custom questions looking at organizational specific questions.  Full email support is available at no cost


Got a question? check out our EESS – FAQ page

To find out how you can use the BIR-EESS™ in your organization or with your clients organization email us or phone on +44 (0) 208 230 0980

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