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Guest Blogging for specialists, writers, authors and marketing firms. Would you like your blog post on our site? Are you interesting in writing for us?

Updated March 2019

Guest post guidelines

Guest Blogging is something we get emails about all the time. Unfortunately, we often run out of time to manage these requests (we have a business to run!). Because of this, this page is an attempt to short-circuit that delay. We are a small business, but our site has in excess of 8000 unique visitors a day and several blogging requests every day, few read this page! make your request stand out. make it EASY for me to say yes, not no!

Photo of note book and pens - Guest Blogging for RapidBISuccessful guest contributions are comprehensive, action orientated, positive and interesting posts that inform our readers something new about the world of work. In particular around managing a business or its people.

About our Guest Blogging opportunities

Before we go any further, please note this is NOT a commercial service. This is a site for our business, and we will only share content we think our readers will value

Is your blog post eligible for us?

You can be an established blogger or new to writing because all we seek is USEFUL content for our audience.

For us to consider a blog post,  these must be business focused or at least biased towards the following:

  • Leadership
  • Coaching/ Mentoring
  • Training
  • Learning & Development
  • Human Resources
  • People Management
  • Organisational Development
  • Personal Development – but not promoting a specific course
  • Practical Neuroscience
  • Learning theory/ research
  • Work psychology
  • Starting a business (not finance/ loans)
  • Business processes – Finance, Marketing, Operations, Innovation etc
  • Business or academic/ educational are welcome

Please note, we do not accept posts about IT systems, telephone systems, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, pyramid schemes, loans, finance, promoting training courses/ qualifications or any b2c topics.

To be considered please send your blog to: info  AT rapidbi dot com

Please note, sending us copy is no guarantee that we will publish.

Our requirements for a guest blog

  • Your own original work, because we do Copyscape to check all content
  • Over 800 words and keep the language clear and define all acronyms
  • Title
  • Declare your “search term/ word”
  • State your preferred tags
  • 1 image – you MUST prove you have the copyright permission to use because we use Google & other tools to verify images
  • No more than 1 promotional link, more if relevant for references etc. Please declare what the promotional link is
  • Title your email “A guest post on RapidBI please #ihavereadtheguide”
  • Any Infographics need to be embedded, so send the file over with the copy – we (and Google) prefer original images, this may be a different colour graphics to previously published versions
  • Your email – NOT a Gmail/ Hotmail or other free address – it must be attached to a web domain
  • A short bio We allow one link in your byline to your own blog or social media account
  • We prefer links to B2B sites
  • any images you provide, must come with proof of license to publish

In addition, please provide a list of links embedded in any text, because I do not want to have to check each one manually

What We Won’t Accept

In addition to the things we look for, there are some things we simply can’t accept. For example, anything that:

  • Is already in on our blog
  • May be construed as a link-building scheme.
  • Promotes writing assignments for educational success
  • Too promotional for a product, your company or organisation
  • Offensive or inaccurate
  • Overly critical of individuals or companies
  • Tracking codes/ shortcodes
  • Links to:
    • loans
    • gambling
    • medicines
    • affiliate marketing
    • educational cheats – assignment writing etc
    • increasing personal income

That is it. We cannot reply to all requests. If we are going to publish we will tell you within 10 days.

Therefore, this page is relevant for anyone looking for

  • Guest posts
  • Write for us
  • Guest writer

Thank you for your interest, and I appreciate your help in reducing the spam requests we get



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