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About the Creatrix™

Aim Assess Activate Apply Model for the Creatrix inventory

Apply is the fourth stage of the model.

Apply: Our applications programm brings the concepts of creativity, risk taking, and innovative capacity to life.  Our unique ability to apply the Drivers in real-life situations that actually get results is the key component to accelerating innovative capacity for change in your organisation.

If I say to you, “I want you/your team/your company to be more innovative,” what does that mean?

The word innovation by itself has little value unless we can define the purpose and the context for innovating.  The AIM in the Creatrix Process aims to do that.

Apply for the Individual


Individuals, like teams and companies, need to take action to help them achieve their stated objective.  In the context of the  Creatrix, this will be applying changes which have the goal of increasing or decreasing one of the drivers.

Apply for the Team

As a way of starting to develop the culture of the organisation, applying effort to changing how the team uses one or more of the driverscan be a critical first step to change.  With all members of the team working on one or two drivers those actions and behaviours will be encouraged.  Working on developing one driver also helps to create a common goal for the team to form around and to support each other.

Apply for the Organisation

In the same way that a focus on an individual driver for teams can start the culture change process – the same is true for the organisation as a whole.  To change the culture for an organisation however must be led from the top and driven by senior managers in a consistant way.

So how can we apply the Creatrix?

Well we have a choice –

  • call in a Creatrix Coach to work with your organisation OR
  • get certificated to use the Creatrix with your teams or clients

To find out how you can use the Creatrix™ in your organisation or with your clients email us or phone on 0208 230 0980 (or 0870 7669651)


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Creatrix is dedicated to accelerating the innovative capacity of individuals, teams and organisations through its unique Creatrix Inventory©, patent pending e-coaching process, and certification programme.

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