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Developing the Innovative Capacity of

Individuals, Teams and organisations

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Aim Assess activate applyThe Creatrix Certification Programme and innovation methodology follows a four-step methodology of Aim, Assess, Activate, and Apply.

This easy-to-understand and use model is the foundation for unleashing innovative capacity for change within individuals, teams, and organisations.

Aim: If I say to you, “I want you/your team/your company to be more innovative,” what does that mean?  The word innovation by itself has little value unless we can define the purpose and the context for the need to innovate.

The Aim in the Creatrix Process is to set that agenda, purpose, reason etc..

Aim for the Individual

Individuals, like teams and companies, need to have an objective as to why increasing their capacity to be more innovative is desirable.

It may be as broad as:

  • Personal growth and development, or

As narrow as:

  • Wanting to be able to offer more creative ideas in a specific area like innovative customer service or alternative ways of delivering a service or program.

Aim for the Team

Teams also need to have strongly stated Aims.  In fact, teams may need to have clearer reasons than individuals.  They need to know what’s the benefit across the group of using the Creatrix Process for greater innovative success—what do we want as a team?

You may have a team that is slowing down, not creating the innovative ideas that it once did, and so they need a boost, a recharge or, as with the individual, it may be that they need to develop innovative ideas fast to meet the competition head on.  Whatever it is, creating an AIM is essential for laying the groundwork for increasing innovative capacity within a team.

Aim for the Organisation/ Company

A company’s vision or mission (AIM)is often tied to the need for greater innovation.  Vision’s like “Pursuit of Excellence” or “Beating Coca-Cola”, etc. are statements requiring innovation.  Neither one of them can be made a reality without innovation.

Specifics for implementing—that is, creating greater innovative capacity can only be realised by first articulating the direction the organisation needs to go.

To find out how you can use the Creatrix™ in your organisation or with your clients email us or phone on 0208 230 0980 (or 0870 7669651)

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Creatrix is dedicated to accelerating the innovative capacity of individuals, teams and organisations through its unique Creatrix Inventory©, patent pending e-coaching process, and certification programme.

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