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Creatrix Innovation and Leadership

The Creatrix Innovation Inventory

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Developing the Innovative Capacity of Individuals, Teams, Leaders and Organisation’s

Welcome to the home page of the Creatrix™ Innovation and Leadership micro site – use the navigation below to stay in all things Creatrix™.  The Creatrix™ – the practical model and innovation inventory.

The output from a Creatrix profile can be the innovation index of a team or organisation.

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About the Creatrix™

  • Are you fed up with Leadership and Innovation tools that seem fun and valuable at the time but the culture of the organisation remains? Or tools are not being put to best effect?
  • Want to find the key to successful innovation?
  • Need to find the lever that builds the capacity for change & innovation, in individuals, teams and organisation’s?

The Creatrix™ innovation inventory is the only approach to innovation that recognizes the importance of innovative capacity in both the organisation and its individuals.

To our knowledge the Creatrix™ is the only innovation instrument/ inventory that focuses on the behaviours required for an organisation to become more innovative, rather than just a creative technique or individual capability.  The process ensures accessibility to practical innovation for all organisation’s.

The Creatrix™ approach is unique in that it looks at the behavioural capability of individuals, teams and organisation’s, rather than skills and techniques.

Innovation can be a team result –

not just the ability of one individual

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A powerful message …

A powerful method for today’s companies using a behaviorally based change management framework.

We challenge the current assumptions about Creativity and Risk Taking:

  • We all are creative – it’s not only the artists and writers
  • We all can take risks – it’s not only the thrill seekers

Today’s companies need to tap into and develop the power of individual, team, and organisational creativity and risk taking to accelerate innovation.


Capacity for Change and Innovation

Having worked for many organisation’s over the years, we have come to recognize that innovation is more than just a process, or indeed an attitude. It is a style that is a factor of leadership and team working.

It is that unique combination of factors which enable change and new ways of thinking.

It is about having the right mix of attitudes, skills and processes for the particular phase of an organisation’s life cycle or product range.

The Creatrix Innovation Inventory uses a unique blend of behavioural factors in the Innovation Equation:

Innovation = Creativity * Risk Taking

Activated by the DRIVERS of innovation necessary to enable real Action. The seven Drivers of innovation are listed below.


Growing and Developing Leadership

Using the drivers listed below not only adds value by developing a culture of innovation, the creatrix is a great tool to develop leadership capability.  For leaders to be effective they must recognise the strengths other bring to the team. The Creatrix is a simple tool to provide both a development framework and a common language for success. Some users of the Creatrix use the model to represent leadership.  A strong leaders needs access to ideas (creativity) and the ability to deliver results (risk taking). Thus the Creatrix is an ideal tool to develop leadership skills.


Accelerating Innovation

Creativity is the ability to produce (unconventional) ideas, and when we are facing difficult challenges we need new ideas most.

Isn’t it under the most difficult times, when we are under the most challenging stresses, that we need those new ideas that can change or alter the path and redirect our energies? Certainly history has shown us that innovation is prolific at difficult times, indeed just look at the prisoner of war escapes and how innovation was harnessed to sove problems with little resources. Adaption is an important factor in developing an innovative culture.

The Creatrix Innovation Inventory takes the concepts of creativity, risk taking and innovation and makes them understandable and concrete.

Individuals, teams, organisation’s can increase their innovative capacity by using their own knowledge of their creativity and risk-taking orientation and their results on the seven drivers of creativity and risk taking.

Learn about your personal orientation toward innovation by taking the Creatrix™ Innovation Inventory.


The Seven Drivers of Innovation

Explore the Seven Drivers of Creativity and Risk Taking:




innovation Creativity drivers Ambiguity Independence Inner-directedness Uniqueness profile tool

and Risk Taking

Innovation risk taking drivers Authentic Resilient Self-accepting inventory profile tool

Discover how to unleash you and your teams creative potential in productive ways for greater innovation.

Taking the Creatrix Inventory is easy.  Register your company (allows group reports), receive the username and password details, log on, complete the Creatrix inventory (takes approximately 15 minutes) and instantly download your profile report.  Easy!

The Creatrix is in effect two tests or inventories in one – a Creativity profile and a Risk Taking profile. The powerful combination provides the Innovation Equation as an output along with information on the seven scales – three scales on the creativity test and three scales on the risk taking test.


If you want the Creatrix™ Innovation and leadership Inventory to be used in your organisation please contact us or one of the Creatrix Coaches.

If you are interested in training to be certified in administering the Creatrix™ Innovation Inventory see our training pages for dates of open courses or contact us for an in-house programme.

To find out how you can use the Creatrix™ in your organisation or with your clients email us or phone on 0208 230 0980

The Creatrix was initially created in the early 1970’s by Dr Richard Byrd and recently further developed by his daughter Dr Jacqueline Byrd.

Creatrix Certification Information – Find out more

For non-UK training and accreditation, please contact the Creatrix team at


Creatrix is dedicated to accelerating the innovative capacity of individuals, teams and organisation’s through its unique Creatrix Inventory©, patent pending e-coaching process, and certification program.

The Innovation Index is a culture point mapped based on the results of the whole team or organisation.

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