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I will keep this index going as long as I can… unless you want to volunteer to help me!

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GDPR & Data Protection 

GDPR checklist for HR/ L&D sole traders and small business


Member community Discussions & Conversations

Most recent discussions first See older discussions on this page:

  1. Has anyone in this group either attended or exhibited at “Best You”
  2. Recruitment & Selection Training for Managers
  3. Flexible Staff Benefits
  4. failing somebody’s probation
  5. applicant tracking systems
  6. Quick (theoretical) question about payroll
  7. Incentive packages for senior managers

Welcome to 2019

  1. A Very British Country House
  2. CIPD Members network in Thailand and Myanmar
  3. software that would enable us to do a skills gap analysis of our senior Managers skills
  4. Recording Meetings
  5. Contact number for CIPD Birmingham Branch
  6. Request to audio record an appeal meeting
  7. Payroll providers
  8. review induction documents
  9. what are your thoughts when a candidate doesn’t maintain eye contact
  10. Cycle to work gov schemes
  11. Christmas Personnel Game (People Management Magazine Dec 2018)
  12. AI & Recruitment – is it invalid?
  13. Unpaid Leave
  14. Enhanced maternity policy
  15. manage graduates/graduate schemes
  16. re-launching our employee forum
  17. introducing a health cover plan
  18. employer obligations are in terms of holiday accrual
  19. New Diversity and Inclusion Calendar for 2019
  20. What does everyone think of the package of measures that the government is taking forward from the Taylor Review?
  21. Redundancy Script for Managers
  22. employee is on long-term sick
  23. I am looking for a mentor
  24. Set up the Health and Safety Committee
  25. basic French speaking and listening skills training course for English speaking customer care staff
  26. Strategic HRM courses in London/online
  27. people working remotely from the place of work
  28. question relating to TUPE
  29. CIPD Membership survey feedback
  30. Breach of restrictive covenants
  31. Does anyone here use the appraisal system. Appraisd
  32. PeopleHR vs CIPHR
  33. Could anyone recommend any European based employment agencies
  34. Change work times due to public transport changes
  35. Can anyone recommend an employment law course or qualification
  36. time and attendance system for a small organisation
  37. recommendation for a facilitator for a senior team building session – incorporating Myers Briggs
  38. bespoke L&D organisations
  39. outsourced payroll
  40. Industry benchmarking on long service awards.
  41. shared parental leave
  42. Consultancies that assist with Awards entries
  43. CIPD mentee programme
  44. Line managing senior professionals

Weekly update 7 Dec – Breaking News, with a twist Important information for all members of the group.

  1. Pay as you go 360 feedback tools
  2. Health and Well Being Surveys
  3. Change to commission only contracts
  5. change of contract for someones location of work
  6. Managers excuse for bad behaviours?
  7. Redundancy Process Advice
  8. next fiscal budget and conducting a salary review and pay rise?
  9. any views on the online CIPD qualification being offered by ICS learn?
  10. selection process for our graduate development programme
  11. Stupid questions
  12. long service awards
  13. individual and group exercises for assessment centres
  14. deal with a data breach?
  15. Any final written warnings been issued for longer than 12 months?
  16. Diversity and respect
  17. planning its Christmas Party
  19. HR Information System
  21. Sacked Vegan claims discrimination.
  22. Help with performance management/disciplinary process
  23. seeking a career coach

Group Update 1 December

  1. holiday buying schemes
  2. training software package
  3. motivational speaker
  4. Learning needs analysis interviews – legislation to be aware of
  5. using numerical reasoning tests
  6. Health & Well-being service
  7. Skills share database
  9. New Frontiers in Psychometrics – time for a wider audience?
  10. Onboarding
  11. well-being and personality type
  12. implementing employee career paths in an organisation?
  13. Does anyone have an example of a timekeeping policy
  14. implementing an online PDR process
  15. designed an assessment to determine employability of candidate
  16. emotional intelligence
  17. Change to a continuous performance management process
  18. HR providers, our contact details and GDPR, and ethics
  19. Flexible Working Options and continuous service requirements?
  20. DBS Checks
  21. resource similar to HR Inform to access employment contracts for Norway & Sweden
  22. best practices for ‘service anniversaries’
  23. tips on how to structure health and safety committee meetings
  24. good Head Hunters in London and Greece
  25. accepting resignations
  26. Brexit deal agreed
  27. Rest breaks
  28. SALARY INCREASE: What is Reasonable for 1 person doing 2 Roles?
  29. Anyone using Power BI for reporting on people data

24 Nov Weekly CIPD Members Group Update

  1. Does anyone have any GDPR training videos for managers
  2. HR Director Mentor
  3. Job tab in CIPD member group
  4. what process other organisations follow when recording/processing employee changes
  5. Location move – advice please
  6. DWP/CIPD guide for line managers: Recruiting, managing and developing people with a disability or health condition
  7. I was wondering if any of you kind people on here would be willing to share your HR metrics template with me
  8. designing a training sessions for my company on appropriate and effective workplace communication
  9. US employment contracts
  10. Looking for examples of forward-looking organisation-wide WNA
  11. has anyone had any experience with Perkbox or other similar employee reward/ benefits package
  12. I’m doing some research on the median HR to Employee ratio
  13. Employcontracts and changing probation periods
  14. Does anyone have a policy on employee sabbatical schemes
  15. updating our maternity / shared parental leave policies
  16. think about what my priorities should be for 2019
  17. Who do you think should own the talent management strategy?
  19. heat map for personal development against competencies and behaviours?
  20. Interview ethics
  21. launch a tender for a new HRIS
  22. Refusal to give a reference.
  23. L&D Evaluation
  24. Change the law on mental health
  25. Addressing diversity/ unconscious bias issues with limited resources

NEW – Weekly Update 16 November – top discussions this week

  1. Is anyone providing a response to the consultation on changes to the employment tribunal system?
  2. what your organisations offer in terms of sick pay?
  3. Call entitlement to employment law helpline for CIPD members
  4. Does anyone offer flexible benefits to their staff members?
  5. recruit an experienced part-time Talent Acquisition Specialist/Manager
  6. CharlieHR
  7. Looking at exit interviews across UK and Ireland
  8. Network for HR professionals working in Education?
  9. Building a Leadership Talent programme
  10. Moving away from the traditional annual performance rating/calibration to regular check ins
  11. Translation services
  12. SSP Question
  14. Does anyone have a basic remuneration policy
  15. guidance or learning’s on implementing performance related pay
  16. Tier 2 visas.
  17. Embroiled in a debate “IQ versus EQ”
  18. Has anyone else noticed how difficult it is to change sector?
  19. Annual Leave Calculation: Pro Rata’d Bank Holidays?
  20. Is there a company anyone uses for service awards?
  21. return to work.
  22. Does anyone have a company policy on providing references
  24. **APPRAISAL**
  25. Rewards and Incentives
  26. Any recommendations for any staff rewards platforms/programmes
  27. Subject access requests by a company
  28. Possible entry methods into generalist HR Consulting?
  29. Letter Template
  30. CIPD/Adecco Labour Market Outlook: Autumn 2018
  31. Rights of a 16 year old who is in his last year at school, working part time
  32. Creative way to deal with extra unneeded employees with low performance

Nov 11 Group Update

  1. Contractual clause for annualised hours contract
  2. #cipdace
  3. Redundancy, at risk & potential new roles
  4. Looking for any data sources for research into the business benefits of HR systems
  5. Absence Management Policy
  6. Anyone has any advice on how they manage studying a full time job
  7. Tier 2 General Visa/Sponsorship
  8. Does anyone work in the financial sector?
  9. How long on average are your Company Performance management processes
  10. The new Profession Map
  11. Time and attendance software recommendations
  12. Can anyone recommend a good Payroll course in the Midlands
  13. I’ve seen the new CIPD map! One of the specialisations is OD&D
  14. Training provider which can deliver a Right to work training
  15. Innovative methods to candidate assessment
  16. Guidance around probation periods
  17. Trialling a ‘flexi policy’
  18. Is it worth the effort to become a Job Sharer?
  19. Looking to draft a job share agreement
  20. How are you assessing workplace wellness?
  21. Maternity leave policy and are looking to enhance it
  22. Tier 5 visa working part time
  23. Experience assessment for the Chartered Membership grade with the CIPD
  24. Forced change to working days
  25. People Management Magazine
  26. Recommendations for an Occupational Health provider
  27. Does anyone have any advice on Epilepsy policy, procedures and guidelines for small businesses?
  28. UK living wage. does your company pay this or the nmw?
  29. Getting ROI from the CIPD conference ACE 2018
  30. How to become an international speaker?

3 November – CIPD Members Group Update

  1. Can an employer insist on pay instead of allowing them to take holiday during notice period?
  2. Introduce myself
  3. Looking at starting a formal disciplinary process
  4. Looking for a speaker who could give a talk around Organisational culture
  5. What do you pay your first aiders
  6. Where do we stand in asking employees to only speak English whilst at work?
  7. Support for an IT employee
  8. Senior level finance/commercial for non-financial people
  9. Performance Management & Balanced Scorecards
  10. Pay them an extra hour for when the clocks go back?
  11. Developing a set of Manufacturing Competencies
  12. Do you want to learn from peers in this group? Do you want people to see your requests for help?
  13. What do you do when your managers do not listen to your advice or guidance?
  14. What did you think of the Budget from an HR perspective
  15. Role stability
  17. Replaced competency-based framework with a success profile model
  18. Salary sacrifice parking and rail travel season tickets
  19. Are you an unemployed HR professional or Full time student in HR?
  20. % of successful employees in annual performance/capability process
  21. First commercial opportunity in HR
  22. HR software with ATS and time and attendance biometric tracking
  23. Mental health strategy – Examples to share?
  24. Glassdoor, Indeed and other sites with anonymous feedback
  25. Cultural integration advice
  27. CIPD level 7 on succession planning
  28. Strategic Workforce Planning
  29. International contract query
  30. Talking about mental health going to enough?

The groups weekly update is live – 27 October

  1. Manager inductions
  2. Employee benefits packages
  3. How do we make HR Administration sexy?
  4. Recommendations for courses on American Employment Law?
  5. Direct Recruitment with minimum costs
  6. No respect for young managers
  7. Mental health support isn’t rocket science
  8. Employees may be given up to six months to bring tribunal claims
  9. Behavioural Frameworks
  10. Gender Pay Gap Reporting
  11. National Mentoring Day
  12. Does anyone has a good Succession Planning Form to share with me?
  13. Performance Management Reviews
  15. HR Systems – Factorial
  16. CIPD qualifications certificate times
  17. Home working policy
  18. Where do you buy your salary benchmarking data from?
  19. How have you benefited from CIPD Networking?
  20. study leave policy for employees
  21. Why you should not hug your colleagues
  22. pay mothers who return to work from maternity a return-to-work bonus
  23. Sick pay before SSP
  24. thoughts and experiences please with embedding values into your organisation
  26. Watson Glaser test
  27. What notice periods are your board members/CEO’s on?
  28. Recommendations for templates/systems for org charts other than Visio?
  29. holiday purchase schemes
  30. Maternity Cover Advise
  31. International HR
  32. Self-employed Foster Care Agreement
  33. Video content to advertise a vacancy on their social media pages?

CIPD Members Group update -Oct 20

  1. policy content in new employment contracts that relate to our IP
  2. recommend London based companies providing ‘Interview skills and techniques’ training
  3. The history of this group (CIPD Members on LinkedIn)
  4. Find the CIPD Member group from the app home page
  5. Were you at the CIPD OD conference yesterday? #CIPDOD
  6. Titles.. Titles.. Titles – Please give your posts a title to help fellow members
  7. Eeeek! How do I search on this (LinkedIn Groups) now?? – hint you cannot – but you can on this page ctrl f
  8. Help! L&D – strategic development framework examples required
  9. Reward Management Training
  11. Can anyone recommend any resources
  12. staff recognition awards programme
  13. implementing sabbatical leave
  14. best practice around implementing psychological safety
  15. Employment Law Helpline member benefit
  16. guidance on Bonus clauses in terms and conditions
  17. Improve our recruitment software
  18. Mediation Survey
  19. Maternity Sickness Policy
  20. Structured Interviews: not structured enough?
  21. Volunteering verification
  22. Workplace Investigation
  23. Interested in views on managing a capability process when the organisation doesn’t have a capability procedure/policy.
  24. idea of salaries for two new roles
  25. special guardianships procedure
  26. occupational health providers
  27. feeling naïve
  28. ‘Operational barriers’ to flexible working

Weekly Update – 14th Oct

  1. a mentor outside of my current organisation
  2. Anti-poaching agreements for employers
  3. A short question to all that read this post.
  4. When AI says “No” to female applicants
  5. I’m looking for new employee benefits ideas
  6. Data Subject Access Requests
  7. Measuring ethnicity: what every employer should know:
  8. IR35: HMG announces that the rules already in the Public Sector are to apply to the Private Sector from April 2019
  9. developing my team
  10. do you employ your own inhouse IT manager
  12. recommend an amazing ‘Presentation Skills’ trainer for my senior management team?
  13. Advice on HR Systems- SME (circa 200 employees)
  14. recommend a good speaker on the subject of employee engagement?
  15. process to select external Executive coaches
  16. reviewing a contract of employment
  17. Develop Your Own Training Videos and Animation.
  18. budget for a reward and remuneration review
  19. benchmark the study leave
  20. CEO who started last week with us and he’s keen to get a senior team ‘away day’
  22. benchmark one of my client’s policies
  23. working relations aren’t great in a start-up
  24. My Tardis has just landed in the 1970s – “Stop bad interviews for good”
  25. “Salary sacrifice one year on” People Management October 2018
  26. “Are you sitting comfortably?” People Management October 2018
  27. implementing a process of continuous performance management
  28. CIPD Level 5- Using Information in HR


  1. Business Enlightenment (BE) M&A Culture Comparison
  2. employee who needs visa sponsorship and has been surprised by the cost of the various elements
  3. Online survey platforms for engagement surveys
  4. Benchmark data for staff turnover rates
  5. how their organisation allow home working for employees
  6. Changes in Mat Policy – Retrospective Payment?
  7. Workplace flu vaccinations
  8. Development of HR Standards
  9. Occupational Testing needs for focus from the CIPD
  10. Sage 50 tests
  11. Where I would find HR jobs
  12. Homeworking
  13. Supporting Work-Life Balance – CIPD guidelines
  14. Employee Mileage Expenses
  15. Implementing a season ticket loan benefit
  16. Extended consultation and the pay rise
  17. Motivation and inspiration to get back to studying
  18. Invitation for HR professionals to talk to students on a Uni course
  19. After a copy of Resourcing and Talent Management
  20. CIPD Behavioural Science at Work Conference and Workshop
  21. Clear Desk Policy
  22. CIPD Member Survey
  23. Mental health & Wellbeing
  24. Union membership for HR professionals
  25. Recommendations for project management skills training
  26. Restrictions working cross sectors in HR
  27. Trying to recruit for an Innovation Manager
  28. Interesting Job Descriptions and Person Specifications?
  29. My company are changing their name
  30. I have just begun my Cipd 5
  31. Larger economic picture… yes the dreaded BRXT.
  32. Help with a standard apprentice contract template
  33. Measuring problem behaviours?
  34. HR resource company which provides template docs,
  35. Research on shift rates for a wage negotiation process
  36. Glad to be part of the group of CIPD
  37. Hello everyone – thank you Mike for persisting in all your efforts to bring us updates from this LI group.

Weekly Update 29 Sept

  1. Different USA Healthcare providers
  2. Looking for a mentor for someone in my team
  3. Varying a contract of employment
  4. Profit Related Bonus Scheme – Guidance
  5. CIPD members survey
  6. Selling any books on Reward Management
  7. Changed to a shift patternHR Consultants based in New York and/or California
  8. Selling Holiday
  9. CIPD on membership and can’t answer the first question
  10. Engineering companies that run a Mechanical Apprenticeship Programme.
  12. Recruit Polish nationals in the UK
  13. Work-related stress being treated as an industrial injury
  14. Struggling to find the right people to fill our vacancies!
  16. Candidates requesting their data
  17. train the trainer type material
  18. breach of contract under these circumstances?
  19. flexi-time policy they’d be willing to share
  20. Advanced Employment Law Practitioner
  21. Job Descriptions in a project environment
  22. Reference checks have shown that they resigned whilst under investigation
  23. Creative ways to design and implement our employee survey.
  24. Ethics & Integrity Policy
  25. Coaching Network
  26. Holiday Pay Calculation
  27. How do you get rid of a Chief Executive?
  28. Flexi-Time System
  29. Training Policy
  30. job remotely from Poland
  31. Data requirements for volunteers
  32. LMS suggestions?
  33. People HR or Bamboo HR or a similar alternative
  34. Online testing sites for recruitment
  35. Online Appraisal Platforms
  36. Redundancy process
  37. revamp our existing appraisal (PDR) scheme
  38. departmental skill analysis

???? WEEKLY UPDATE – 23 September ????

  1. Senior Leader/Executive coaching – added pressure or not?
  2. Career advice (TM/HRD)
  3. Overtime for managers
  4. Courses regarding Policy & Procedure design and implementation
  5. recommendations for local employee benefits
  6. average/competitive annual car allowance figure
  7. Gaining Employee Commitment To Put Training Into Practice
  8. Does anyone have a Diversity & Inclusion policy
  10. Redundancy and Settlement advice please
  11. SAR (Subject Access Request) question
  13. Help with Matrix Management explanation
  14. Part time redundancy
  15. manage sick pay for someone with Type 1 Diabetes?
  18. Grievance Advice
  19. What ratio critical roles?
  20. recommendations for a HRIS for 50 employees
  21. HRM System for SME
  22. Can redundancy pay and PILON be paid into pension pot?
  23. Need Help with CIPD L3 L&D Certificate – Assignment
  24. Recruiting, Onboarding or ATS Software?
  25. Pay in lieu of notice period
  26. >HR gobbledegook
  27. Non Executive Director contract template
  28. CIPD Member Mentoring
  29. Career Development Frameworks
  30. TUPE and HR Adding value:
  31. Disciplinary Management System – what is available and recommended?

???? LOOK GROUP UPDATE 14 September ????

  1. Electronic HR files – no longer having paper files.
  2. Anyone come across an advance dismissal for capability?
  3. Maternity calculator
  4. Start your posts with a meaningful title – Group update
  5. Brexit Project HR workstream
  6. Compromise Agreement & Rehiring
  7. Employment Law
  8. Activity Based Working
  9. HRIS Implementation
  11. Further study – Level 5 or Level 7?
  12. An important reminder for ALL MEMBERS
  13. Criminal Convictions Checks under GDPR
  14. Exit Questionnaires
  15. Welcome to the new groups “experience”, it will be new for all of us over the coming days.
  16. Reasonable adjustment for disability
  17. Close-circuit cameras
  18. T&D budget benchmark within FMCG sector
  19. Training Management Software – content removed by poster
  20. Constant Bad behaviour due to drinking
  21. Restrictive covenants
  22. Sales predictor tests
  23. Close-circuit cameras
  24. T&D budget benchmark within FMCG sector
  25. Training Management Software – post deleted by user
  26. Holiday entitlement on 4on 4off working pattern, excluding Bank Holiday
  27. Measurable criteria and scorecard. Job interview.
  28. Overseas Police Checks – a bit of an update
  29. Company paternity pay
  30. Performance Management Approach
  31. Successful probations
  32. Interview presentation help
  33. Formal verbal warning
  34. Employment Referencing
  35. Supporting a traumatised employee
  36. Backshift workers
  37. Anyone with expertise in French HR?
  38. Alcohol Testing
  39. Can anyone recommend any good partners for employee perks?
  40. Diversity & Inclusion Standard
  41. Weekly to Monthly payroll
  42. Can “top talent” become time-expired?
  43. Deduction of Final Pay
  44. Immersive training recommendations
  45. Right to work & TUPE
  46. LinkedIn Group changes have started – time to change your settings
  47. New Starter Induction Pack
  48. Fun Friday – going the extra mile
  49. IT and Systems Policy
  50. Continous Employment Query Continous Employment Query
  51. So if we want you to work but you don’t, how will that work?
  52. Is 21st century leadership out of date?

Update 30 August – Please read me – LinkedIn changes,email notifications, Personal hygiene & Local Meetups Leave Database – Education Sectorbranston, new beginning

    1. Night shift worker with health problems
    2. Change of entity in Ireland
    3. Help/advice/connections on my new role in Performance Management
    4. Group meet-up 15th September 2018 1pm onwards
    5. Birthday Holidays
    6. Coaching
    7. DDA or Equality Act…
    8. Looking for payroll provider recommendations
  1. STEM – how to get more involved
  2. Embedding digital / online solutions into performance management
  3. Blue Marble – Global Payroll
  4. HR Manager jailed for 14 months after blackmailing employees
  5. Career development plans
  6. L&D for startups
  7. I’m currently doing a report on Employee Engagement as part of my Level 7 CIPD. If anyone has done the same nd willing to share info with me?Thank you. Happy to email or Inbox me
  8. Weekend wonderland
  9. Project Management, Time Management, Prioritisation
  10. Fun Friday – The digital company – see the cartoon
  11. HR and payroll systems
  12. Tier 2 sponsorship
  13. Personal Hygiene Issues at the workplace
  14. Employee Assistance Programme
  15. The Importance of being a Team – Activity
  16. Staff costs multiplier
  17. Career Breaks
  18. TUPE – consultation?
  19. Probation period

Linkedin email announcements - sorry we are closed text on a shutterUPDATE 23 Aug – LI are stopping these updates – please take action now before you miss out.

  1. “Organisations need to focus on influence rather than hierarchies” Nicholas Cresswell (People Management September 2018)
  2. Rectification of “non-disclosure” confidential employer references: how does that work then?
  3. Just have to share with you all – I passed Level 5 HR Management – waiting for the certificate!! Happy days!!!
  4. Special Leave Policy
  5. Raising engagement/communication/trust
  6. Clause to forfeit annual leave entitlement?
  7. Team building events: do you agree?
  8. Do you/would you share job descriptions for the whole company on Intranet?
  9. Succession Planning
  10. Italian Recruitment Agency for Sales Manager role in the Gaming Industry
  11. Recommendations please for an active Linked In Group for 3rd sector HR Pros pls? Thank you
  12. Problem employee
  13. SME Construction Company Sick Pay
  14. GDPR – Calls about clients
  15. Another Tribunal – Quick Question
  16. When “Diversity” objectives & the law clash – is this inevitable or preventable?
  17. Sabbatical
  18. Resource capacity planning
  19. Change salary to commission based only
  20. Modified grievance process
  21. Wellbeing Strategy / Proposal
  22. Exit Policy
  23. Can anyone help? – Holiday pay
  24. L&D Management Tool
  25. Time off for dependants leave
  26. Contract for sn role in not for profit
  27. GDPR and discoverable email communication
  28. Absence
  29. SSP
  30. Compressed working – do we have to use one of the 8 reasons as defined in flexible working regs?
  31. Garden Leave
  32. What’s more important? Leadership or teamwork?
  33. LinkedIn is stopping us from emailing updates..
  34. Happy Friday
  35. Applicant Tracking Systems
  36. Advice – board members
  37. Email Personalisation and Analytics
  39. Hello, I’m looking for recommendations for a couple of good HR books to read
  40. I am a Training Manager for a Global engineering company. I’m currently half through my CIPD advanced level 7 in HR&D
  41. Quick question: Compassionate leave – how much paid time off?
  42. Paternity leave advice
  43. Anyone recommend any recruitment podcasts?
  44. Best Practice Maternity & Paternity Leave
  45. Contagious Disease

The last & Important CIPD Members Group Update for the foreseeable futurekeep calm keep active

  1. Hay Methodology
  2. Essential Employee
  3. Maternity Situation
  4. Career advice please
  5. TUPE Advice
  6. Disciplinary Hearing – Advice
  7. Maternity and holiday entitlement
  8. New CIPD LMO Summer 2018 Practitioners Guide
  9. Where might the government’s Brexit white paper lead us?
  10. Consultant to Employee
  11. Alumni Programmes
  12. Contract variation
  13. Taxable Benefits
  14. I’m feeling pretty stressed about my Level 5 Diploma in L&D
  15. Onboarding process
  16. Scrapping probation???
  17. Brexit Fallout on Staffing Levels – Creating a Plan
  18. Example TUPE Measures letter
  19. Carers Leave?
  20. Mental Health First Aiders
  21. Gamification- card games for teams
  22. I am reviewing our Shared Parental Leave offering. If you enhance your offering above the statutory minimum, what do you give employees?
  23. HR software
  24. internal client satisfaction survey
  25. HR system


  1. Study help please
  2. Whistleblowing
  3. UK contracts: clauses for part time and temporary working
  4. Advice please. An employee has submitted notice that he wants to step down from his supervisor role due to stress
  5. I am interested in hearing what your organisations do for leadership development.
  6. I am looking for a Continuous Improvement training provider that can deliver content around mindset shift
  7. I’m looking a Continuous Improvement training provider
  8. Career pathways – can you help? Do you tend to use letter of concern or verbal warnings
  9. HR Systems
  10. Internal coaching pool advice
  11. Abolishing Performance Appraisals?
  12. Early Finish Fridays
  13. Managing short term sickness absence in Germany
  14. Retirement Incentives
  15. Does anybody have a policy for mobile workers that they are willing to share please?
  16. Your thoughts please – Deputy – Staff timesheets & performance management
  17. Reasonable adjustment in an interview for speech impediments
  18. Minute taking assessments?
  19. Robotic workers
  20. Outsourced Occupational Health
  21. Secondment Usage
  22. Internal promotion policy
  23. Contract for Services v Zero Hours Contract
  24. Saudi Arabia and Tattoos
  25. Training Strategy/Budgeting Advice
  26. Online platform to co-ordinate training events and share document
  27. Internal Promotion
  28. Any one got a simple, pragmatic and inexpensive performance management system
  29. Diversity/unconscious bias training for our media agency in London
  30. Staff Issues – can anyone help
  31. Sending contracts, change of terms letters etc and data protection
  32. Talent development and mentoring
  33. IPD Key Facts: Psychological Testing August 1997 – 4 sides of A4 (Happy 21st!)
  34. Annual Reviews Lower Employee Engagement
  35. Exit interviews

6 August UPDATE – Candy Floss, Member meetup, Right to work, exit interviews

  1. Creating HR position/department
  2. I am a very passionate HR professional eager to develop in my profession and wanting to work as a Volunteer in a professional HR services team within Belfast.
  3. Recruitment – Referral bonus scheme
  4. Recruitment Advertising
  5. How to Support an Employee with Dyslexia?
  6. Employee engagement on social media
  7. SIPSI Declaration – France
  8. Life Coaching as a benefit for staff
  9. Annual Leave Entitlement / Reward for Long-Service
  10. Glass Door
  11. How does everyone manage employees who attend weekend work events, tradeshows/travel
  12. Overhaul of the attraction and selection process…
  13. Group meet-up 15th September 2018 1pm onwards
  14. Annual leave entitlement
  15. Annual leave
  16. France Work Study programme – CAWEB Master’s
  17. Right to work – appeals against dismissal
  18. European employment law courses
  19. Update & vacancy
  20. Career Development Plan
  21. GDPR relevant data protection clause
  22. This group is influential in the CIPD..
  23. Employers don’t understand information on DBS checks
  24. HR and Payroll Software Recommendations
  26. HR Analytics speaker request
  27. Do you give right to appeals for probation terminations?
  28. HR System for freelancers
  29. Gender Pay Gap – extend it before looking at Race Pay Gap and/or Disabled Pay Gap – let alone the second round of reporting? Is reporting on just two genders now “old hat”?
  30. Tribunal
  31. Working Time Directive
  32. France – Vacation and carry over days
  33. Access to Apprenticeship Levy / Skills Levy Funds
  34. Has anyone successfully completed a DIY staff survey using Survey Monkey? Potentially 2,500 respondents 10% of which will be paper surveys.
  35. CIPD A Manager’s First 100 Days Toolkit – is it useful?
  36. LMS vs. Intranet – where should policies sit?
  37. Should an exit interview be conducted when an employee has been terminated by the employer?
  38. Term time only – life after Brazel and Harper Trust
  39. Redundancy query
  40. I am considering introducing a more robust approach to paying Occupational Sick Pay. Do others cap it? Is it based on length of service?
  41. I would welcome views on job share arrangements. We don’t currently offer a job share contract, but do have a large number of part time workers.
  42. Mobile Phone Providers
  43. Maternity Pay
  44. HR Reports
  45. GDPR – Applications & Ex employees files
  46. Probationary period
  47. Profile XT
  48. Profit Share Schemes
  49. Unlimited holiday policy
  50. Do you have a child (of any age) with Dyspraxia? The Dyspraxia Foundation needs your help
  51. Bereavement Leave
  52. HR Legal Advice

30 July Update – Sun, Rain, AWOL staff and Training agreements/ clawbacksText image - keep calm training fee clawbacks and awol employees

  1. Mental health
  2. Motivation – your thoughts please
  3. CIPD accredited Masters Dissertation
  4. GDPR and Biometric Data HR Interview
  5. Gamification in HR
  6. Executive Search C-Suite
  7. Team Building Exercise
  8. Personal data request
  9. Training Agreements and Clawbacks
  10. AWOL?
  11. Recruiting in non-English speaking regions
  12. 360 performance review
  13. Cipd qualification
  14. Digital workplace
  15. Employee engagement platforms
  16. GDPR Query
  17. PRP in the public and not-for-profit sector
  18. Amending employee handbook
  19. CIPD Level 7 Student Research – Mental Health & Well-Being – 
  20. AWOL
  21. The age old reference debate
  22. Hitting a brick wall offering back to work help for the unemployed
  23. What has replaced free customer service bbq
  24. Can anyone recommend a good website on which to practice for CCAT?
  25. Repayment of Qualifications
  26. Appreciation Cards
  27. Employment Contract for Traders
  28. Standard Recruitment Agency TOBs
  29. Electronic signatures
  30. Masters Research – International Expansion
  31. Mental Health First Aiders – selection
  32. Leadership Bonus / Incentive Scheme
  33. Bringing Occupational Health In-House
  34. Dress Codes
  35. Probation Review
  36. Ideal Seminars for me at ACE 2019?
  37. Spam email
  38. Talent management – assessing potential
  39. Query, advice, tips!
  40. Statement of Fact or Discrimination, your thoughts.

23 July Update – School Holidays, HRIS Sytems, Air Conditioningglass haf full, half empty

  1. HR Systems for smaller & growth Business <500 employees – your help, please
  2. *Constructive Dismissal* (posting for a friend)
  3. Apprentice Assessment Day
  4. Membership Fraud
  5. Sequential interviews in executive recruitment
  6. Plan to teach all children first aid!
  7. DBS records
  8. Unfair recruitment process
  9. We are looking to implement a new HR system. We have looked at Cascade and Ciphr.
  10. I have been asked to produce contracts of employment for four company directors who are on the payroll of the company
  11. CEB and SHL
  12. Training
  13. Candidate videos – submitted by recruitment consultant
  14. When is adoption into UK law and compliance with GDPR not compliance…
  15. Tests – Literacy, numeracy
  16. Long Term Sick Leave
  17. New Starter Questionnaire
  18. Disc personality profiles
  19. Assessment Day
  20. International (Germany) payroll
  21. Ergonomic chair and desk providers?
  22. Recommendations for service delivery workshop for our secretarial team
  23. Study Buddies for Level 5 Diploma in L&D
  24. Working as a Recruitment Consultant
  25. Encouraging Managers to take responsibility for talent management
  26. Menopause in the workplace
  27. Guidance for data analyst role
  28. Employee Benefits Research by Masters students at Leeds University Business School
  29. Tiered maternity/paternity pay
  30. Can anyone advise on what small / start-up companies policies are on Maternity Pay?
  31. Can anyone recommend a good Apprenticeship Training provider
  32. Best practice – field employees
  33. Can you recommend a Trainer who facilitates Unconscious Bias courses?
  34. Succession Planning
  35. Finding a HR mentor
  36. Help needed with informal disciplinary process
  37. Dissertation topic
  38. “CIPD a membership organisation which doesn’t seem to listen to its members.”
  39. Exec on boarding
  40. Reputable recruitment agencies in the digital/creative/media space
  41. CIPD Benefits – Perkbox
  42. Investigation & Disciplinary
  43. Air con
  44. E learning platform
  45. Charity Fun Run
  46. “One day, I hope I won’t need a disciplinary policy”: an unrealistic aspiration? (Article in People Management magazine, July/Aug 2018, pages 20-22.)
  47. Apprenticeship Levy Policy Help!
  48. HR Professionals per Employee?

16 July Update, GDPR, Interview feedback, HRIS for smaller firms, MEME of sandy beach - BYOD, they said, Flexible working they said,

  1. Staff Handbook
  2. Level 7
  3. Who does HR serve?
  5. HR Systems for smaller & growth Business <500 employees – your help please
  6. Data protection – Data Access……fight! King of discussions GDPR – not again!
  7. Mentoring – TED talk or similar video clip
  8. Disciplinary investigation reports
  9. Meeting notes – help please
  10. Employee Status – contractor or employee?
  11. Sickness
  12. Recruitment Solutions
  13. Workers Status
  14. New HR system
  15. Refusing to give information
  16. Out Placement Support
  17. CIPD policy and practice on psychometric testing
  18. Who is measuring RoI really well?
  19. Performance Management Terms
  20. Help with Swedish employment terms & conditions
  21. Work Experience
  22. Sponsorship Tier 2 Visa
  23. Training for new managers
  24. Interview process
  25. Sharing company gifts
  26. Induction programs
  27. Long term sick
  28. Employee health benefit schemes
  29. Supply chain recruitment
  30. Employee Health Issue
  31. Far future start date.
  32. Backdating holiday pay error
  33. GDPR & CCTV Footage
  34. Directors contract
  35. CIPD Group
  36. Temporary workers
  37. Just wondering what businesses are thinking / planning on for the Monday if England get to the World Cup final
  38. Help with a Redundancy Consultation
  39. “Away days” with your team – useful or useless?
  40. People Management Training Courses
  41. Thesis Research – Performance Appraisals
  42. Help with TUPE

9 July Update – Celebrations, Mental Health, References, Lenny Henry & ODImage of tennis player & footballer - when you get knocked back, get up!

  1. CIPD Diploma in Human Resource Management
  2. Mental health speakers
  3. CIPD Events – where are the prices?
  4. Networking Tool for LinkedIn
  5. Cycle to work scheme
  6. Professional subscriptions and membership question?
  7. Long term absence
  8. Damage recharge policy
  9. Are Codes of Conduct in the workplace still relevant?
  10. Employee Savings
  11. Five Shift Patterns
  12. Have you been involved in OD (Organisational Development) for more than 5 years? Want to be involved in International leading edge research?
  13. CV or application form?
  14. Provocative post…… – Do we need appraisals?
  15. External Speakers
  16. HELP Please! CIPD Level 7 Business Management Report.
  17. Women Leadership Book
  18. Are you getting to see all the notifications from this group?
  19. Warehouse Relocation
  20. References.
  21. Here we go again!
  22. The importance of our (internal) customers
  23. Alumni Strategy
  24. HR Internship
  25. £70 Rejoining fee
  26. HR System for NDPB
  27. Redundancy/Redeployment – Advice Please
  28. GDPR – control of personal information in emails
  29. Is NLP a credible business tool in 2018?
  30. CIPD L5
  31. It’s coming home – Tips #world cup
  32. Training Academy and Competencies
  33. Trade Union Facility Time deadline approaches
  34. Text for contract and handbook for “Maintenance money”
  35. Global Mobility Policies and Providers
  36. Managers training on terminating contractor contracts.
  37. Setting up HR function
  38. Advertising job vacancies
  39. Service length
  40. Bio metrics
  41. Medical Questionnaires
  42. Employee having difficulty committing to travelling expectations of the role. Higlighted that this is causing anxiety and stress

Update 2 July – 22000 job losses, unicorn employees, Overwhelmed, Work cliques, Training materialsmanager, unicorn and minions - text Hiring Clones or seeking unicorns can leave your business exposed

  1. Clocking In Providers
  2. looking for an Occupational Health service to partner with; in the North West, North East & Yorkshire; recommendations please?
  3. Best Companies/Employer of Choice question
  4. ET1
  5. Automating new starter proves
  6. I need to deliver some training on performance management – Has anyone got any training material or ideas that I may find useful?
  7. Recruiter rant about candidates
  8. Leadership Vs Management
  9. Ensuring the wellbeing of lone and remote workers
  10. Key holder and Credit Card Holder Agreement
  11. Stress in the workplace workshops?
  12. Procedure template
  13. Employee Engagement
  14. March with CIPD at London Pride – Stand up for Diversity and Inclusion!
  15. Employee Loyalty and Mobility – Postgraduate Research Study (HRM)
  16. Disruptive Leadership
  17. Work cliques and the affect on others
  18. Contracts
  19. Orientation
  20. CIPD Level 5 L&D Study Material
  21. External payroll providers
  22. Equality and Diversity training
  23. Company Sick Pay
  24. Letters after your name – or not?
  25. Sexual Harassment training
  26. Online Training
  27. Calculating holiday pay
  28. The role of HR within an organisation
  29. Overwhelmed
  30. Unconscious Bias
  31. Upgrade to FCIPD
  32. Family Friendly policies
  33. CPD Requirements
  34. Employee Forums
  35. Case study of management training
  36. Tips and tricks when starting new role?
  37. Nursing period in UAE labour law
  38. Holiday linked to length of service
  39. Ice breaker
  40. CIPD internationally
  41. HR software
  42. AWOL Case – update
  43. Psychometric tools – Lumina
  44. Advice on who to turn to
  45. Psychometrics
  46. Manager/Team Leader Development
  47. DISCUSSION: Are we a #diverse community? Are we treating members equally? Is there a #brexit backlash here?
  48. DEBATE OF THE WEEK – can flexible working provide better employment opportunities to people with disabilities.
  49. Sickness
  50. Apprenticeship Provider

Update 25 June – 6-1, Sick pay, Use-of-self, customer service, Flexible working, DisabilityImage of footballer with support people behind - for every person on the customer service front line

  1. Would anyone be willing to share their thoughts and ideas for a Equality Diversity and Inclusion action plan please?
  2. ‘Live-in’ contracts.
  3. Localised/Regular meet ups
  4. Are We Making the Most of our Membership?
  5. OH Service
  6. Resignation or Dismissal?
  7. Guidance how to get into HR
  8. Friday – Celebration day
  9. Referral recommendations
  10. Impact of IR35 in the Public Sector: who is right?
  11. Engagement Survey Vendors?
  12. People HR Feedback
  13. Am I missing a really simple solution here! Help!
  14. Annualised hours
  15. Job Grading
  16. Salary Benchmarking
  17. When we are recruiting do we really gear the advert for the role?
  18. Sick pay and redundancy – Posted for a member
  19. Sorry to mention GDPR …just wanting to check with members whose companies located in UK have their HQ overseas and hold information on UK employees
  20. Working Alone
  21. Grievance Advice Needed
  22. Tax relief on new qualifications and CPD
  23. Religious beliefs
  24. Surveys, research, promotions and awareness – you views please
  25. Leaver refusing to work full notice…..argh!
  26. Sick pay for flexi workers
  27. Mitrefinch
  28. Meal allowances
  29. Career Break
  30. Equality Diversity and Inclusion Accredited training
  31. Looking for a Payroll Service Provider for an SME and would gratefully welcome your recommendations/advice
  32. TUPE/Restructure
  33. Internal Applicant
  34. Customer service in-house training recommendations
  35. 360 Appraisal Software
  36. GDPR Again
  37. How do I compensate staff for childcare costs?
  38. Are you missing out because you don’t go to branch events?
  39. Setting up a charity – expertise required!
  40. AWOL Case – Update
  41. Right of access to personal data
  42. Employee wellbeing – research request
  43. CIPD Level 5 L&D through self study.
  44. HR reporting template
  45. Mental health training and wellbeing strategy – do you have one?
  46. Talent Management – What is it to your organisation and how do you do it?
  47. Reward & Recognition Programmes
  48. Flexible working
  49. Incorporating gambling into a drugs and alcohol policy.
  50. Time for Change?
  51. Capability plan template
  52. Mediation Training
  53. The impact of AI
  54. Broker for Company Benefits

18 June UPDATE – Build people to build business

  1. Mentoring Opportunity for Online CIPD Students
  2. Advanced Award in Reward Management
  3. ADP Payroll & Timekeeping solution?
  4. Learning Business Game suggestions
  5. Parental Leave
  6. TUPE transfer
  7. Networking
  8. Apprenticeship? Breach of contract?
  9. Reflective Portfolio
  10. Redundancy
  11. Creative Thinking and Presentation Skills Training
  12. Warehouse retention strategy
  13. Employer of Choice
  14. How to make PDPs a priority in an organisation?
  15. Custom and practice, employee issue
  16. How far can an EAP scheme protect you from personal injury claims? I was shocked!
  17. Communicating minimum weekly working hours
  18. Employer Pension Non-Compliance
  19. Recommendations for Mental Health Awareness Training for Managers
  20. Any experience of vetting agencies?
  21. People analytics: why does the UK have low confidence with data compared to other regions?
  22. How have you partnered with diverse employees to provide career development internationally…
  23. Employee perks – perkbox or similar?
  24. Is it time to turn off competencies or are mine just dated?
  25. Sick Pay and Absence Mangement
  26. Celebrating Success
  27. Looking for Recruitment Agency from UK
  28. Equal pay
  29. Team building ideas and providers
  30. Re-thinking the 9 box grid?
  31. Privacy Notices
  32. LinkedIn for recruitment
  33. Seeking HR Opportunity
  34. New CIPD and Workday research findings on People Analytics
  35. Plumber wins workers’ rights battle against Pimlico Plumbers
  36. Outsource Payroll
  37. Personality/ Psychometric tests
  38. Employee benefits in the corporate communications space
  39. Sharepoint Business Suite
  40. GDPR emailing CV’s to 3rd parties, advice please
  41. Disciplinary Guide
  42. Employee Forums / Worker Committees
  43. What is the minimum documentation that is legally required if you are employing people?
  44. CIPD Membership Card – do we want to keep a plastic card? have your say
  45. HR Policies – links to public sector samples
  46. Company policies
  47. Harpur Ruling – Holidays
  48. Values-based recruitment
  49. Salary Frameworks
  51. Employment Advice for US
  52. Enhanced Maternity Pay – Professional Services – SME
  53. Developing ER knowledge
  54. Recruitment Agency T’s & C’s
  55. In-tray Exercise
  56. Diversity & Inclusion best practices
  57. Changing the face of HR

Update 10th June – Discrimination in HR, Recording Meetings, Recruitment PracticesPhoto of lego girl riding a tiger, text is "What do you value? Often we do not understand what we have until we lose it"

  1. Plastic CIPD Membership Card – is it useful?
  2. Regret email….
  3. Your help and your views on this group – Thank you in advanced
  4. Insurance Excesses for company Cars
  5. 50 years !
  6. I am preparing a retention schedule for the Care sector and would appreciate it if anyone is willing to share one that encompases Care and HR
  7. Enquiry
  8. GDPR Test
  9. Customer Services Training
  10. Learning Management Systems
  11. Sickness report broken down by age
  12. HR systems for SMEs
  13. Call Recording Policy.
  14. CIPD fees
  15. Disability Related Discrimination Advice
  16. GDPR – investigation notes
  17. Innovative (new) Performance ‘Motivation’ Processes
  18. Performance Management Tool
  20. Recording employee meetings – Yes or No?
  21. End of Probationary Period
  22. Recess at Work Day
  23. Age Discrimination?
  24. AWOL/Missing Person
  25. Whatever happened to the IPM Code of Practice on Occupational Testing?
  26. How specific an employer can be with dress code. The dress code is smart casual. Their full list of do’s and don’ts includes no shoulder-less tops.
  27. EAP providers?
  28. Neurodiversity Research
  29. Collective agreements
  30. Time off for sick child – what do others offer?
  31. Employer’s / Public Liability insurance for workshops delivered outside the UK
  32. Looking for a Recommendation for Risk Assessment
  33. HRIS for use in China
  35. I’d welcome some recommendations on sourcing temporary telesales assistants. Anyone used an agency to source them or an agency to outsource to?
  37. Question re disclosing Police Investigation
  38. Developing Supervisors
  39. Do you have objectives/goals on People Management in your Performance Appraisal process

Update 3 June – README – Sun & Sand, Dismissal, HR Software, Term Time ContractsPeople on a beach, doing various things

  1. CIPD Chapter or Branch in Nigeria
  2. Psychometric tests
  3. The economics of gender diversity
  4. Anyone have a Governance role JD for sharing?!
  5. Does anyone have a talent management policy, process they would like to share for viewing!
  6. Adding value – Brainstorming activity
  7. Appraisal software for sales roles
  8. Dismissal
  9. Communications skills for technical professionals
  10. Recommendations for Outsourcing Payroll
  11. Mentor training providers
  12. Employment law refresher courses
  13. Pay structure – small business
  14. Sick & Maternity Pay Benchmarking
  15. Building a competency framework in a call centre environment . Do any of my CIPD colleagues have any experience or a template that they could share please
  16. Hiring Platforms
  17. Are you up to date on CIPD Member Benefits? Are you missing out?
  18. CIPD Associate – Experience Assessment
  19. CIPD Weekend courses
  20. DBS checks
  21. EU tightens law on foreign temporary workers – how will this impact your business?
  22. Term Time Only contract implications
  23. Mentoring scheme (internal)
  24. Short term freelance work
  25. Settlement Agreements
  26. Employee denied holiday but goes off with Stress
  27. I am seeking some suggestions on a good software solution to support our growing HR Consultancy.
  28. Artificial Intelligence, the Machine Age and HR Strategy

UPDATE 27 May – 10 year Anniversary, probation, e-Learning, GDPwhat? Remote teams

Trainer in a classroom - I'm here to help, it is up to you to ask, When will this e-Learning course let me have a lunch break? joke, cartoon
When will this e-Learning course let me have a lunch break?
  1. Checking driving licenses for company car users
  2. Immigration solicitors – Tier 2 work permits
  3. Thoughts on this week’s CIPD Developing Line Managers Conference
  4. New appraisal system
  5. Statutory sick pay
  6. Payroll Providers
  7. HR Management System
  8. Two years to prepare, one day to consider (run out actually) – DPA 2018 given Royal Asset on 23 May 2018
  9. Working late? – on the eve to GDPR
  10. Can anyone please share their plans on storing speculative applicantions following the new GDPR regulations?
  11. It’s time to pay up what on pensions?
  12. CSR Policy
  13. Investigation training
  14. GDPR (of course) and references
  15. Recruitment Privacy Notice
  16. Unauthorised deductions
  17. Probation failures
  18. Can anyone please recommend quality e-learning providers for GDPR training please? Thanks
  19. GDPR deadline looms. Could anyone share how long their HR team is keeping historical absence data for? for Capability cases/injury claims it’s useful so any help appreciated
  20. GDPR for independent HR consultants
  21. GDPR consent form
  22. Mental Health and Long-term absence
  23. Promotion of candidates by recruitment consultants
  24. Remote teams
  25. New Workforce planning guide from the CIPD – for members
  26. Data Protection Policy (GDPR Compliant)
  27. To Share or not Share that is the question?
  28. Absence/Disciplinary
  29. When do discretionary bonuses become a custom practice ?
  30. would anyone be happy to share an overall measure of employee engagement within a team survey? I’m thinking about using an employee net promoter score, but would be interested to hear of others.
  31. Interns
  32. Change of LIne Manager
  33. TED talks
  34. Has anyone got any recommendations for sales based/closing the deal type training for a team of Investment Managers ?
  35. Conflict of Interest
  36. Appropriate? – uk job advertised in non-english
  37. MHR + elearning solution?
  38. Staff Consultative Forum changing and gaining collective consultation recognition
  39. Level 3 CIPD – Hertfordshire
  40. Death in service
  41. Executive coaching
  42. Restrictive Covenants (for partners)
  43. Commission Structures for Business Development Managers
  44. Global Employment law courses/events
  45. GDPR & Legitimate Interests
  46. Mystery Shopping – hospitality industry
  47. Cycling Challenge Waiver
  48. Attendance management – how would you deal with this one?
  49. External Investigators
  50. I’ve now had 6 emails from CIPD
  51. GDPR – Suppliers / Customer Privacy Notice
  52. Employees with English as a second language
  53. Settlement Agreements
  54. GDPR – IT Security Policy
  55. Cascade Users

UPDATE 20 May – 10 year anniversary, Weddings, GDPR, Long service, Employee Engagement through collaborationphoto 2 ostrich, one with head in sand.

  1. Diversity training
  2. Unfair Dismissal: Appeals proces
  3. Xpert HR / HR Inform
  4. I would very much appreciate your feedback on the following 2 web-based HR management systems – PeopleHR and MyHRToolkit
  5. Wellbeing on a Budget
  6. HR – metrics and analytics: the validity gap
  7. Data Protection Bill – unlikely to go for Royal Assent before 22 May
  8. GDPR and employment contract clause updates
  9. Long Service Awards
  10. How to share, rather than scare! Harrassment/bullying
  11. Performance Management/Enhancement processes
  12. GDPR – CCTV Monitoring
  13. Is ‘niceness’ a leadership quality?
  14. Apprentice agreement templates
  15. Transitioning from the military
  16. HR Service Survey
  17. Another GDPR Question – Emergency Contact Details
  18. Notice period on unpaid leave
  19. can anyone recommend a book or training or article that articulates the current trends and thinking on cultural alignment for the initial phase of a shared service arrangement
  20. Semi continuous shifts
  21. GDPR couldn’t resist!
  22. New contract and reducing hours
  23. GDPR and payslips
  24. Internal communications strategy
  25. We are looking at our company hierarchy and the differences between levels of roles. Would anyone be willing to share their company structures in terms of levels and differences?
  26. CIPD 30 year certificate – who else?
  27. Are you a freelance, interim or do you do a “little work on the side”? #GDPR
  28. Tech Recruiters in Madrid
  29. Diversity update
  30. GDPR – Work experience
  31. BBC’s knee jerk to equal pay leaves BBC Radio 2 listeners angry
  32. GDPR training to employees
  33. Extra HR functions for a TA role…
  34. Investigation Training
  35. Tyco case – mobile workers and travel time
  36. Showing salary ranges on job ads
  37. Would anyone be happy to share their experience on measuring absence, do you recommend the Bradford Factor or alternatives?
  38. Sickness Absence Pay
  39. GDPR – Data Retention Policy
  40. HR Systems – I would welcome your opinion
  41. Improving communication
  42. GDPR…..sorry :)
  43. Thank you!
  44. School – term time contracts or not?
  45. GDPR for freelance members
  46. Disciplinary – Witnesses called by employee

UPDATE 13 May – Caramel shortbread, GDPR Webinar, Learning styles, Right to work, coaching & HR jobs3 aliens have a conversation - What did he say? GDPR?

  1. Legal advise on equal pay
  2. GDPR Management Time
  3. Ideas on how to support staff coping with the death of close colleagues. Anyone got any good practice to share on this?
  4. Reduction in Candidate Pool – Have you recovered?
  5. Part-time/Holiday entitlement
  6. gdpr
  7. Assertiveness training
  8. GDPR Retrospective Data
  9. Parental bereavement leave and pay. Public consultation closes 8th June – Link to Gov info page
  10. GDPR simplification
  11. GDPR – Information
  12. Annual leave entitlement
  13. Resources, Tips and Templates for those starting out in a more senior HR role?
  14. Giving Managers Feedback
  15. Small Treats for Employees
  16. New CIPD #peopleprofession survey
  17. Annual Cost of Living Increase
  18. GDPR Opt in /Opt out
  19. Right to Work
  20. I’m looking for useful resources on Learning Styles. Can anyone help?
  21. Learning Styles
  22. Work Experience and Right to Work
  23. Reward & Recognition Specialists
  24. Training / Support
  25. Stockholm recruitment agencies…
  26. Guidance on Childcare
  27. Looking for recommendations – Occupational Health providers for SME
  28. Performance bonus scheme
  29. GDPR + deleting emails from sent folders?
  30. Criminal convictions information on new starter form
  31. I’m looking for recommendations on a candidate management platform/system.
  32. Does anyone have a template GDPR policy for a staff handbook that they can share?
  33. Voluntary Redundancy Policy
  34. HR Inform?
  35. Retention of Employment
  36. Privacy Policy
  37. Putting Human Capital on the Balance Sheet
  38. GDPR presentation
  39. GDPR – Data processing agreement
  40. Flexitime
  41. GDPR – e-learning
  42. I am looking at introducing new starter packs for employees and I was wondering if anyone had any experience of these, whether they add value and how they are perceived by your new recruits.
  43. HR in Southern Ireland
  44. What are the advantages of a contractual disciplinary procedure?
  45. Measuring management and leadership capability
  46. Psychometric Testing
  47. Help wanted for 2 x Olympic Gold medalist – Any career coaches out there who can support?
  48. Umbrella companies
  49. Removing performance/appraisal ratings
  50. Job Evaluation – FAQs
  51. Fitness classes at work – Terms & Conditions with Fitness Instructor
  52. Do you do drug testing at work? Would you pass? Are you REALLY sure?
  53. Team Coaching Framework
  54. Performance Management and Annual Appraisals

UPDATE 6 May – Sun, Sea, New Webinar on GDPR! Lone practitioner, CIPD Professional Standardsgoing to the office photo of shop called "OFFICE"

  1. I’ve just read this and thought I’d share it with you all.
  2. Employment Law “Consultant”
  3. Are you looking for a job in HR? Want to promote a position you have?
  4. Intimate relationships at work
  5. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a flexible benefits organisation that works for an organisation of just under 100 employees please.
  6. Financial stats on the benefits of L&D programs ?
  7. GDPR and career prospects
  8. Has anyone got good experiences of using a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO)?
  9. Mug gate – RNLI & volunteers
  10. Feedback template
  11. SD Worx as a payroll provider
  12. GDPR Staff Training
  13. Can anyone recommend a company for online literacy tests for customer services / office positions. Im looking at testing for multilingual options too
  14. Managing Performance
  15. English Speaking in the workplace
  16. GDPR again (sorry)
  17. HR in Financial Services (SMCR)
  18. Diversity and future workforce trends
  19. Interviews
  20. HE GDPR
  21. Search for the most amazing JOB DESCRIPTION…
  22. CIPD Well-being at work survey report: 86% observed presenteeism in their organisation
  23. Is it reasonable to ask employees to pay their own expenses when travelling to training events?
  24. HR Business Partner job description
  25. Basic Disclosure Providers
  26. Smoking In Company Vehicles
  27. Interview Feedback
  28. HR Meeting notes
  29. We are looking at options of how we can avoid taking notes at ER related meetings
  30. What to include in Employees file?
  31. GDPR – Employee Consent Form
  32. HR Software
  33. Educational Assistance
  34. Maternity Pay
  35. I am working on a maternity policy to enhance pre and post maternity leave experience of our employees. Would anyone share their policy/initiative with me please
  36. Changing T&C’s without prior consultation
  37. Recognition Schemes
  38. Reporting a Data Protection Breach
  39. Soft Skills Competency Matrix
  40. Looking to purchase a low cost Applicant Tracking System and HR System for startup
  41. Looking for innovative reward practices…

UPDATE 29 April – IMPORTANT GROUP INFORMATION – PLEASE READkick out the social hijackers - one lego person "booting out" a highwayman

  1. important message. read & follow the group rules
  2. Graduate programme
  3. GDPR – now I am confused
  4. Interns policy/ guidelines
  5. Presentation on key HR policies
  6. Employee Handbook
  7. AARM Course
  8. Reflections on #CIPDldShow – did you attend this years Exhibition or Conference?
  9. Appraisal alternatives?
  10. HR & Time and Attendance Software
  11. Competency framework
  12. Termination Clause
  13. Effective date of Termination
  14. Employer Liability – TUPE
  15. Organisation’s Values session – hints & tips pls
  16. Recommendation request – GDPR consultant for a tech startup
  17. Diversity Training for Execs
  18. Any advice on how to do a smooth transition from maternity leave to work?
  19. Data Processor Contracts
  20. GDPR
  21. Material to Support Delivering Short Term Absence Management Training
  22. GDPR & Employee Photographs
  23. GDPR Employee Awareness Training – International Company
  24. What caught your eye at the CIPD Learning & Development Exhibition today?
  25. LMS – tracking, monitoring, following up and reporting for training
  26. kindly share your opinions on hiring a pregnant Lady in your firm. Is it accepted or not? And if it is accepted what are the terms and conditions applicable
  27. TUPE advice
  28. CIPD annual update seminar tomorrow
  29. New Starter References
  30. Service Level Agreement Recruitment
  31. ADP Freedom and GDPR
  32. I would love your help with my research…
  33. Starting out in HR – Level 3??
  34. Third sector fora
  35. GDPR!!! Does anyone have a breach of Data Protection Policy that they would be happy to share?
  36. Mental Health in the workplace – Call for Speakers!
  37. do you want to do research here in the group?
  38. E-Learning system
  39. Agile working
  40. Cloud based HR systems
  41. Accredited Coaches
  42. Drug & Alcohol Testing – GDPR
  43. Organisational Structure Charts
  44. HR Inform
  45. Sabbatical policy
  46. Concerns for seriously overweight employee
  47. 360 degree feedback
  48. Who can help with what the latest thinking in HR and management practices are?
  49. Drug Testing
  50. Wellness programs
  51. CIPD L&D Conference London – see you there?
  52. Wellness programs
  53. Average cost of HRIS
  54. GDPR – Privacy notice for employees
  55. GDPR and system integration

UPDATE 21 April – Icecream, Freelance nerves, Apprentices, Member Upgrading, GDPRCIPD member update 2 people, one holding icecream, the other an ice lolly #minifig

  1. Looking for an HR Consultant in the Winchester area.
  2. GPDR Email wording
  3. CRM System Advice (**Recruitment Agency Only**)
  4. Insurance for Contractors
  5. Accredited Coaches in Essex
  6. Managing expectations – (‘I don’t trust HR’!)
  7. Conduct & Capability Policies
  8. Should the “Windrush” generation and EU nationals post-Brexit be treated the same?
  9. International HR Query
  10. Health check providers
  11. Retention Motivation Survey/Test
  12. HR System – Feedback
  13. AUG licence: Germany
  14. Assessment Centres Can be Improved: Once We Know what they Assess. Can Your Organization Help our Research? – academic research – your opportunity to get involved
  15. Are you thinking of going freelance or being an independent consultant? Your input is appreciated – group research on freelance working
  16. Internship Programmes
  18. Does anyone have a Contract of Employment template for McDonalds, Burger King, Greggs or KFC they would be willing to share?
  19. Confident communication and assertiveness training
  20. Salary Benchmarking
  21. Gamification as a recruitment tool?
  22. Gender Pay Gap Speaker
  23. Equal Opps Data – HRD or not?!
  24. GDPR for B2B
  25. Management Diagnostic
  26. Enhanced Maternity Pay
  27. HR/Payroll system recommendations
  28. GDPR – Data Retention Policy
  29. Upgrading to MCIPD after level 7 diploma
  30. Payroll providers
  31. GDPR and CRM systems
  32. Asia Pac
  33. Can anyone confirm that hmrc ‘Facing Cards’ can be taken as an official record of who a person’s employers were?
  34. Change Forms
  35. Notice of consultation
  36. Flexi-time working
  37. Regular Overtime
  38. If a UK Citizen is living in Canada, can I hire them to work remotely?
  39. Sales Commission Advice Please
  40. Green car policy
  41. Direct Recruitment/Advertising within the Digital Marketing Arena
  42. Workplace projects for a group of Apprentices
  43. could you help me with some ideas? “What is coming on the horizon that HR needs to consider.”
  44. Employment documentation best practice
  45. Anyone have any good books to recommend on how to be an effective HR manager?
  46. Fast track development programmes
  47. Disability at work – Dear CIPD members please help.

UPDATE 14 April – Sunshine, Discrimination? Agency staff Tupe, Employees with Mental Health issuesDecisions & Ethics

  1. Steps ahead mentoring any experiences?
  2. Talent Planning in SMEs
  3. Fun Friday – Caption Challenge
  4. Discrimination?
  5. EU / UK Recommendation for Private Health Insurance Services
  6. Agency staff / TUPE
  7. Which HR sites do you visit regularly?
  8. Recruitment abroad
  9. GDPR – Employee Video
  10. Daniel Cable’s ‘Best Self’ for Team Dynamics and Performance
  11. Flexible Working Policy template
  12. Powerful article on disability paygap
  13. Shift into HR
  14. Career change, assessor qualifications, Advice…..
  15. Employee and Volunteer Engagement Group
  16. Mental Health issues with employee- advice needed please
  17. GDPR – Training for employees
  18. Mentoring Scheme
  19. Basic HR Question on notice period pay
  20. any recommendations of Occupational Health and Employee Assistance Programme providers that deliver services in the Bristol area
  21. Pre-employment screening in the UK – third party providers
  22. Women in leadership
  23. UK working lives – new CIPD survey
  24. Setting up a HR function in a standalone role
  25. Application Tracking Systems
  26. Privacy Notice for GDPR
  27. Workplace Stress
  28. SFIA Framework
  29. Employee refusing to attend Occupational Health
  30. Working Hours/Driving – Advice Needed
  31. Global Talent Development
  32. Apprenticeships
  33. PRP
  34. Absence Management
  35. Performance and Service Rewards
  36. UK Sick Pay
  37. CIPD Retention Records Factsheet
  38. Ethics in Collaboration and posts in professional communities – Debate of the week – This house believes there is no need for moderation
  39. So how big is your Gender Pay Gap?
  40. HR professional organisations in Germany
  41. SMP from employer
  42. Warehouse performance related bonus

Update 7 April – Red or Blue? GDPR, Training before start date, L&D ShowRed and blue colour people with brain in background- minifig

  1. Interviews – and lack of feedback
  2. Mentor wanted – London
  3. Hadn’t realised CIPD recognise membership service #CIPD20years
  4. Maternity Pay
  5. Supporting Vulnerable Young People in the Work Place
  6. Applying for FCIPD …. what’s the best way to showcase CPD?
  7. Learning and Development Show tickets 25-26 April
  8. Buddy Systems
  9. Online 360 Degree Appraisal Feedback Tool
  10. Pre-Assignment Screening For Non-permanent Workers
  11. Hi Mike, not sure why but I’m not able to post to the group ? I’m a fully paid up cipd member ? – Or how to avoid being put into moderation!
  12. CIPD fee reimbursements for junior members
  13. Have you ever collected email addresses from within groups? – GDPR & Data protection for freelance members
  14. Career breaks/ sabbaticals
  15. Learning and Development Show tickets 25-26 April
  16. Occupational Health Consultant
  17. HR Level 7 Apprenticeship
  18. Overtime payment for part-time employees
  19. GDPR and recruitment mailboxes
  20. I am currently working towards my CIPD in Learning & Development and am looking to see whether any company local to me would be happy to offer me some HR office experience, voluntary one day a week?
  21. Integrated HR and Payroll System
  22. On-line training before start-date
  23. Retention periods – Useful document as a resource
  24. Working from home/flexible working policies
  25. Employee Health and Wellbeing Survey
  26. GDPR and NOK
  27. Performance Management Technology / Apps
  28. GDPR – Looking for consultant
  29. Gender Pay Gap – now what?
  30. Public Speaking Courses
  31. Absence triggers
  32. Work/Life Balance…discuss
  33. Car Allowances
  34. Sick pay and disciplinaries
  35. Post employment offer health questionnaire
  36. Disciplinary sanctions

UPDATE 1 April – Happy Easter, PassoverHappy Easter

  1. I am looking for some help please in writing my book
  2. Career paths
  3. Contractual commitment or equal opportunity
  4. HR Roles
  5. Occupational Health
  6. Feedback on CIPD accredited training providers
  7. Startup HR
  8. International Sales Training
  9. GDPR personal data retention timeframes
  10. Right to ask for proof and nature of a medical appointment as part of investigation
  11. New Values and Core Competency Framework
  12. Employee Benefits – What do we now consider as the ‘standard’
  13. Looking for insight with promoting Mental Health Initiatives
  14. a new factsheet from the CIPD on gender pay gap reporting: an introduction
  15. Induction Training Plan
  16. Total Reward Statements and Annual Benefit Statements.
  17. Member of the Public requesting details of our CEO recruitment campaign
  18. Source for IT Technicians
  19. GDPR – HR Consultants
  20. Company Relocation – Best phrasing in contracts for new starters
  21. In my organisation we are having the HR Corporate Director visiting us in April. Can you help me with ideas on what to ask such senior level professional?
  22. GDPR Consultant required to assist!
  23. Child Care Vouchers while on Maternity Leave
  24. Benefits & rewards system
  25. part-time overtime rates
  26. What is the future for performance management?
  27. HR Department KPIs
  28. Personal detail protection when recruiting
  29. What will the people profession look like in the future?
  30. Shared Services & Exit Interviews

Update 25 March – Recoverable recruitment costs, ACAS Guidelines, HR Qualification InflationQualification Inflation, Image of little boy getting balloon from seller

  1. GDPR Awareness Training
  2. Process improvement
  3. International employment law
  4. GDPR Categories
  5. I urgently need any HR contact details for any police departments open to providing research access to a masters student for my dissertation.
  6. Mental Health – On the agenda…
  7. Hr payroll and training system
  8. Qualification Inflation
  9. Career Ladders
  10. Meaning of Mobility Management
  11. Research on Return to Work conversations
  12. has anyone come across a contract clause that stated that if an individual leaves within 12 months, recruitment costs will be recoverable?
  13. Holidays
  14. Repayment of Training Money
  15. Health / Wellbeing Screening
  16. Sickness Absence Management
  17. GDPR help!
  18. Meal Allowance Budget
  19. Flexible Working?
  20. Quality Framework for Social Media
  21. Change of Contract
  22. Covert Recordings
  23. “Ignore ACAS guidelines on dismissal, it’s only best practice”
  24. Mechanical reasoning or a mechanical aptitude tests
  25. What is your experience of good leadership?
  26. Employer’s liability insurance for overseas-based employees
  27. Sabbatical Policy
  28. HR in a start up organisation.
  29. Need to ask a question of a TUPE expert.

Update 18 March – Beyond genius, wheelchairs, diversity & adversity – New Membership DirectorPhoto of stephen hawkins - Diversity

  1. Employee Benefits
  2. Unfair treatment
  3. HR Volunteers
  4. Working from home and Childcare
  5. Xpert HR vs HR-Inform
  6. Executive level psychometric tests
  7. HMRC – Uniform and the NMW
  8. GDPR compliant Data Protection new contract clause
  9. Wellbeing Day
  10. As a Fellow of CIPD I have often questioned the high cost of my annual renewal
  11. Organisational Development
  12. GDPR… just wondering what others are doing with their HR database info?
  13. Engagement survey year on year targets
  14. Self-certification sickness form – what can and can’t be included on this form
  15. Dismissal of employee with less than 2 year’s service
  16. I have a client that is interested in company share options for senior employees – anyone got a scheme they could share with me possibly contract clauses as well? Thanks in advance
  17. HR System roll out project plan
  18. Glassdoor & comments. Confidentiality issues – posted for a member
  19. Mental Health First Aid – How have you implemented it?
  20. Functional/Job Specific Competencies
  21. Internal Comms
  22. L&D/Training: Did we chuck out the baby with the bath water?
  23. International Employee Benefits
  24. Office move
  25. Training Grants
  26. Contract clauses
  27. Moorepay Payroll & HR Solutions software
  28. Staff Benefits
  29. HR Association

UPDATE 11 March – Mothers Day, Snow days, HR Redundancy, GDPR, Failed probation for HR professional!Mothers day update 11 march 2018

  1. Researching on L&D and organisational change
  2. Aptitude tests for recruitment
  3. Conduct V Capability
  4. The effects of long term absence on small businesses
  5. How do you describe our profession?
  6. When unconscious biases clash?
  7. Inspirational Speakers
  8. Widening my HR Network.
  9. Disruptive HR in SMEs?
  10. Auto Enrolment Pension Contribution Increase
  11. It shouldn’t happen to a trainer…
  12. Recognition and incentivisation schemes for hospitality
  13. Has anyone go an good info – links/forms/policies that they can share (ASAP) with me on 360 appraisals? Much appreciated and thanks in advance.
  14. How do we create internally administered university for employees in organization.
  15. Establishment Control
  16. End of probation meeting – probation failed – query
  17. Anti-Harrassment
  18. International Women’s Day 8th March
  19. GDPR Retention Matrix/Table
  20. Right to work checks of existing employees – Posted for a member
  21. I need your help to develop a credit policy
  22. Annualised Hours
  23. Steering group effectiveness/best practices reg. Employee Engagement
  24. Zero Hours Vs. Casual Workers
  25. What is a lone practitioner
  26. RETAIL HR national average stats
  27. Snow Days
  28. Notice of redundancy – Advice needed please
  29. Mobile Construction Workers – Clocking in apps
  30. HR Business Partner Model
  31. Start Up Company – HR System
  32. Employee Referral Schemes
  33. A polite reminder to all members – IMPORTANT PLEASE READ
  34. Graduate Assessment Centre
  35. HR Business Partner Model
  36. Start Up Company – HR System
  37. Employee Referral Schemes
  38. At risk employees as companions
  39. Employee Engagement – does the annual survey still have it’s place?
  40. Gender Pay Gap Reporting
  41. Seeking a new opportunity -help and tips would be excellent!
  42. Outsourcing of Car lease admin
  43. Sexual Harassment
  44. Gender pay gap reporting when no obligation
  45. UK unemployment

Upgrading CIPD membership

Some of the discussions covering CIPD membership upgrades:

  1. CIPD Chartered ‘Experienced Assessment’ advice
  2. CIPD Upgrade
  3. Experience Assessment
  4. Membership levels and value perception
  5. Am I CIPD qualified? I wonder if someone can help. I have just had my pre-assessment interview with the CIPD with a view to completing the Experience Assesment to become a chartered member.
  6. Has anyone completed the CIPD Experience Assessment to gain Chartered Membership? And if so can you share your experiences with me please?
  7. Chartered Members register
  8. What level of qualification is Associate CIPD ? Level 5?
  9. Upgrading to Associate membership
  10. Hi All, I am applying to upgrade my membership from student to associate member.
  11. Has anybody got advice on the best route to take to upgrade from Associate membership to Chartered Member.
  12. CIPD Qualification
  13. Upgrading Membership
  14. Academic membership question
  15. Seeking Mentor for Chartered Membership Experience Assessment process
  16. Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute
  17. has anyone completed the experience assesement for chartered membership? just submitted the case study and wondering how it is graded. Didn’t manage my time well on it unfortunately.
  18. Has anyone done the experience assessment for Chartered Membership? Could need assistance.
  19. If someone states they have corporate membership, what does this actually mean for the individual? When they leave an employer do they lose the membership and what does it equate to – Assoc/Chartered?
  20. Am I CIPD qualified? I wonder if someone can help. I have just had my pre-assessment interview with the CIPD with a view to completing the Experience Assesment to become a chartered member.
  21. I am thinking about going for Chartered Fellowship through the experience assessment. Has anyone else done it and if yes, can you please tell me what your thoughts are/what you needed to do?
  22. Has anybody got advice on the best route to take to upgrade from Associate membership to Chartered Member.

Discussions cover HRIS systems – in no particular order – updated- 25 Nov 2017

  1. HRiS for Small Business
  2. Top 3 priorities for HRIS/HR systems managers…
  3. HR/ Payroll Systems
  4. HR and payroll systems
  5. HR Systems for SMEs
  6. HR Platforms for small sized charities?
  7. Handling GDPR in HRIS, privacy notice, consent, data retention, etc.
  8. HRiS for Small Business
  9. HR/ Payroll Systems
  10. HR and payroll systems
  11. HR Systems for SMEsHR Platforms for small sized charities?
  12. Any recommendations for an HR system?
  13. Best HR Software?
  14. Cascade HR system – analytics
  15. Cezanne HR system – feedback request
  16. Currently researching for a new payroll (potentially + HR) system. Can anyone recommend one?
  17. Does anyone have any experience (positive or negative) of implementing a free HR Self Service System?
  18. Does anyone know any simple cloud based US based HRIS? A client of mine wants one which is set up for the States in mind!
  19. Experience with iTrent
  20. Free HRIS…Genuinely Free? Effective? The way forward for small employers?
  21. Global HRIS (data security)
  22. Good HR system to make things simple for a small organisation (51 comments)
  23. HR & Holiday System
  24. HR Information System
  25. HR Information Systems – Access or Frontier &/or Education users
  26. HR Software System for Online Appraisals & Absence Management
  27. HR software with T&A system
  28. HR System
  29. HR System
  30. HR System
  31. HR System – Oracle Fusion or Core HR? Any feedback appreciated!
  32. HR System + Time & Attendance – What would you recommend for SME business?
  33. HR System for SME
  34. HR system recommendations – 79 comments
  35. HR system recommendations for a small organisation
  36. HR System with business process management
  37. HR/Payroll System ( 35 comments)
  38. HRIS
  39. HRIS
  40. HRIS – SME
  41. HRIS Compatability
  42. HRIS for small-mid size business
  43. HRIS Providers
  44. HRIS recommendations – SaaS
  45. HRIS Recommendations for a Care Home Provider
  46. HRIS Recommendations?
  47. HRIS Return on Investment
  48. HRIS solutions for a very small charity
  49. HRIS Systems
  50. HRIS that caters for SMEs who are international??
  51. HRIS what’s core
  52. HRIS…. for an SME – hoping you lovely HR people can share your thoughts…
  53. HRMS / HRIS for SMEs
  54. I am looking at how we can leverage IT/HRIS to ensure diversity and inclusion at workplace? any thoughts on it?
  55. I am working for a client that needs a fairly simple and basic HRIS. However the challenge is finding one that works well multi country/currency and specifically UK+US+EU
  56. Implementation Cost of HRIS??
  57. Implementation of new HR System
  58. Implementing an HRIS?
  59. Integrated HR, Payroll and L&D System – does this actually exist?
  60. Kelio TMS system – HR addon?
  61. Lumesse HRIS – Any Users Out There?
  62. Objective comparison of different HRIS
  63. Online HR System Comparison
  64. Open Source HR Information Systems
  65. People HR – HRIS
  66. People HR/HRIS Admin access
  67. Private International School in Europe looking for HRIS.
  68. Recommendation for an HRIS please
  69. Recommendations for a HR management system
  70. Recommendations for a HR System?
  71. Recruitment and HR System
  72. What HRIS package would you recommend for a SME of about 60 employees?
  73. Xero-compatible HR software/system

Access to these topics requires membership of the CIPD. The LinkedIn group and community is run independently but in association with the CIPD. Views in the group do not reflect the policy of the CIPD or RapidBI. By Members for members.

Discussions cover GDPR and data protection – updated- 25 Nov 2017

CIPD GDPR factsheet here

Or this great GDPR Guide for HR by 360 Resourcing (direct download)

GDPR checklist for HR/ L&D sole traders and small business

Do I need to register with the ICO as an HR or L&D Professional working on my own?

  1. GDPR for the smaller organisation
  2. GDPR – 250 or not 250?!
  3. GDPR – Small Business
  4. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I need to put together a data retention and deletion policy ready for our new HRIS and to align with GDPR.
  5. Handling GDPR in HRIS, privacy notice, consent, data retention, etc.
  6. GDPR – To keep or not to keep?
  7. FREE GDPR Toolkit for Companies, HR and Recruitment teams – no catches
  8. GDPR – just curious how my fellow HR pros are dealing with this issue within their companies?
  9. GDPR Checklist for HR Departments? :)
  10. Consent – GDPR
  11. GDPR for the smaller organisation
  12. GDPR – 250 or not 250?!
  13. GPDR
  14. GDPR for HR Department
  15. GDPR. Please don’t go…hear me out.
  16. GDPR
  17. GDPR !!
  18. GDPR training courses
  19. I think many HR colleagues are woefully unprepared for the GDPR in May of next year. What do others think?
  20. Are you GDPR ready?
  21. What documents are you updating to meet GDPR?
  22. Data protection training
  23. GDPR policies



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