Output Samples

Output Samples

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The BIR is a family of low cost organizational diagnostic and change tool aimed at identifying strengths and weaknesses in organizations of all sizes and sectors, providing an agenda for change. It is one of the fastest and most comprehensive ways of completing a SWOT style analysis on an organization.

The BIR family are quick to use, have high face validity, are cost effective and above all are engaging with users and lead to added value – quickly.

The BIR™ diagnostic tool set has been designed for use in Consulting, Organizational Development (OD), Change and Business growth.

Sample Outputs from the BIR

The graphics below are a small sample of the graphical nature of the outputs from the Business Improvement Review (BIR) Process. Full sample reports can be found in our resources section, or from the links in the left margin.

Strategic factor outputs - organizational development organisational development

Organizational Development strategic diagnostic overview
BIR output business processes - organizational organisational development

Strategic Business Processes
BIR output - Finance measures- - organizational organisational development

Organizational Financial Systems
Bir output graphic - management culture values - - organizational organisational development

Organizational Values
Benchmarking sample:

Organizational organisational benchmarking - internal external

Organizational Benchmarking
More images of outputs can be found in the sample reports on our OD/HR adviser page

There are four versions of the BIR™

Use the one that is right for you or your clients’ situation.

BIR-solo self appraisal business diagnostic tool

Our Self Managed

On-ine Health Check

Looks at all aspects of an organization, Direction, KPI’s, Finance Marketing, Operations, People, Management Style, Values etc.

Now with benchmarking capability

Looks at the same aspects as the BIR-S with more focus on Finance and Marketing.

Now with benchmarking capability

Looks at Vision/ Direction, People, Business Processes, Management Style, Management Values.

Now with benchmarking capability

This is a one person report on their perspective of an organization.  Available in Strategic, Coaching & HR versions.

Instant results on-line.

The BIR-S is aimed at larger and team managed organizations.

The whole process can be completed with only one day on site

The BIR-C is aimed at the smaller organization, owner manager led. SME/ Micro business The BIR-HR is for any size organization where the focus is on culture and change.

It was designed for use by HR & OD teams.

The BIR-solo is an introduction to the BIR diagnostic process, and can be converted to a full review at a later date .

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