Articles – Management Training, Management Development, leadership, change

Articles – Management Training, Management Development, leadership, change

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Articles – Management Training, Management Development, leadership, change
Articles – Management Training, Management Development, leadership, change

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Diagnostic tools, employee surveys, PowerPoint and training activity packs

Main Pages:

Presentation skills – Pech Kucha – Pecha Kucha is an innovative approach to designing and delivering engaging presentations

Deep Dive Organizational Development technique

Deep Dive is a rapid and practical approach to product development and problem solving

Holistic Organizational Diagnostic Tools – Find out what using a holistic approach can offer you and your organization

Write a Mission Statement – How to write a mission statement for your business or organisation

Action Learning – Action Learning and Action Learning Sets (ALS) were popularized by Reg Revens this page summarizes his approach and ideas.

Business Transformation – Increasingly the term Business transformation is being used without understanding what it means. this article explores the basic

PRIMO-F – Business Growth Model – The PRIMO-F business growth model, a holistic approach to organizational development

Management Models – 100+ Management Models – a page full of graphical management models, 9 box grid, 4 box model grid, 2×2 matrix, 3×3 matrix, cycles etc. covering organizational growth, leadership, coaching, change management, business etc.

Critical Success Factors – What are Critical Success Factors and how to use them

Corporate Social Responsibility CSR – How does Corporate Social Responsibility impact smaller businesses

Best Practice and Good Practice – Great words but what do they really mean?

Psychometric Personality Testing – What psychometric testing is and how to use it

Career Anchors
– A powerful tool to help individuals understand their career strengths

Business Values
– How to use values to create an effective organization

Learning Styles
– Want to be a more effective learner? Here is a summary of the main learning style theories and application

Organizational Diagnostics and development

This page explores the importance of effective organizational diagnosis

Intelligent Purchasing for OD
Do you need to purchase training or consulting services? This page will help you on your journey

How to write an internal communications plan – Do you need to write a communications plan? this page will give you a few ideas

Managing Change – Change management is one of those things that many talk about but is rarely implemented well.

Force Field Analysis – The Force Field Analysis is a decision making tool.

Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Models – There are many Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Models on the market, this page outlines some of the differences and asks does it really matter which one you use?

Organizational development – scanning the Business Environment – a
diagnostic technique
– Why do this – is it just a waste of time or is it sound business sense?
Porters Five Forces
– Michael Porter’s five forces is a model used to explore the environment in which a product or company operatesKey Performance Indicators – Key Performance Indicators and Critical Success Factors are terms often used in business but what do they mean? See our page on

KPI examples

Force Field Analysis – The Force Field analysis is a valuable tool in any decision making process

Personal Development Plans – Need to develop a Personal Development Plan – all you need is here

Continuing Professional Development or CPD – CPD has been around for some years, now the need for personal responsibility is ever increasing

Learning Logs – We have had requests for material to complement our PDP and CPD pages… here it is

Glossary of Business and Training Terms – Need to know the meaning of a business phrase or term – this is the place to start our terms dictionary and general glossary

Change Management – Understanding the impact of psychology on change in organizations

Write SMARTer objectives – Description on how to write SMART and SMARTer objectives for individual and business performance

The PESTLE Analysis – The PESTLE analysis – a powerful tool for exploring the external environment of an organization

SWOT analysis – The SWOT analysis – a powerful tool for exploring the strengths of an organization

Consulting Skills – for internal and external consultants – Do you use consulting skills as part of your offer? This page will help you on your journey

Knowledge-Understanding-Action – An overview of our powerful approach to organizational Development

Ansoff Product/ market matrix – An introduction to Igor Ansoff’s model for planning product and marketing strategy
Talent management
Using nine box grids for identifying talent in your organisation.

Whitelaw’s Circle of Evaluation – Whitelaw’s Circle of evaluation is a model developed to aid the evaluation of training and learning and development interventions

Strategic analysis – Strategic analysis is a frequently discussed term – but what does it mean?

Miller’s Magic Number Seven 7 – Miller showed a number of remarkable coincidences between the channel capacity of a number of human cognitive and perceptual tasks.

Knowledge Understanding Action – a model for development

Knowledge Understanding Action is the principles that RapidBI base all of their programs, products and development upon.

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